Cork Flooring Underlayment Replacement Cork Flooring Underlayment Replacement

What You'll Need
Screw bit
Flay pry bar
Wide spackle blade
Thin chisel
Measuring tape
Circular saw

Cork flooring underlayment is placed under the main flooring as a way to cushion it. Over time, the cork flooring underlayment will need to be replaced. The following article will explain how to replace cork flooring underlayment.

Step 1 – Preparation

Pry off the baseboards, and remove vent covers. You will also need to remove the original flooring. Wood, tile and linoleum can be removed with a pry bar. Carpet can be cut and pulled off.

Step 2 – Remove the Underlayment

Place the pry bar between the underlayment and the main floor. Tap it with the hammer while moving it around the perimeter. If the underlayment was screwed in place, remove the screws. Then, pry the underlayment off.

Step 3 – Cleanup

Remove any nails and screws from the floor. Sand away the glue, bumps and ridges.

Step 4 – Install the Cork Flooring underlayment

Put the sheets of the underlayment in place. Trim them as needed to fit. Make sure you have at least a ½-inch gap between the underlayment and the wall for expansion. Screw the cork flooring underlayment down, sinking the screws below the surface. Apply spackle over the screws to fill in the holes.

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