Cork Floors vs Hardwood Floors

Many people have a tough time deciding between cork floors and hardwood floors. Both types of flooring can provide you with a beautiful floor that will add value to the house. Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide between cork and hardwood flooring.

Scratches and Dents

One thing that many people worry about with flooring is how easily it can scratch. With hardwood, this is something that you will constantly have to be aware of. Most hardwoods are soft and can scratch or dent easily. Cork flooring is also soft and will dent or scratch. However, the main difference with cork is that it is resilient. Cork will actually regain its original form in most cases and spring back up. Wood flooring will not regain its original form and you will be stuck with a scratch or dent forever.


One of the big differences between cork and hardwood are the amount of styles that you have available. Cork is somewhat limited in the design options that you have. There are a few different colors, but it all looks very similar. Hardwood flooring comes in thousands of different styles and colors. The textures of wood can vary greatly from hand-scraped finishes to a shiny, satin finishes.