Cork Floors vs Laminate Floors

Both cork floors and laminate floors have a lot of good things to offer homeowners. While they are similar floors, they both have unique features that you will want to consider. Here are a few things to think about with cork and laminate floors.


Both cork and laminate present you with a very durable floor to walk on. The main difference between cork and laminate is the hardness of the walking layer. Cork is a little softer and can scratch or dent. However, since it is resilient, it can actually grow back to its same shape. Laminate is very hard on the top layer and resists scratches. Some grades of laminate can be very resistant to dents as well.


Laminate is always installed as a floating floor. You snap the boards together and lay it over a pad. Cork can be installed in a few different ways depending on the style. You can snap it together and lay it over a pad just like laminate. Some types of cork can be glued or stapled down to the floor.


One of the big differences between laminate and cork is the cost. Laminate starts out at around $1 per square foot and goes as high as $10 per square foot. Cork will usually start out at $4 per square foot and goes as high as $15 per square foot.