Corn Earworms: How to Spot and Kill Them Corn Earworms: How to Spot and Kill Them

What You'll Need
Mineral oil
Pheromone traps
Safe pesticide

If you have corn, tomatoes, cotton or other types of crops, you probably want to protect them any way you can from corn earworms infestation. If you know how to spot and kill corn earworms, you can ensure that your corn and other crops will be safe. There are both natural and chemical ways to get rid of these pests at all stages of their development.

    Corn Earworm Problem

    If you notice large holes in the leaves of your corn plants or other crops, and you have seen green, yellow or brown caterpillars with white stripes and black legs or small tan moths, you might have a corn earworm problem.

    Step 1 - Natural Methods

    Put mineral oil on the tops of the corn cobs so that the larvae can eat it. Release natural predators into the environment to kill the corn earworms in the various stages of their development.

    Step 2 - Pheromone Traps

    Try pheromone traps which use cone shaped traps to capture the corn earworm in the adult stage of their development.

    Step 3 - Use Pesticides

    If you still have a corn earworm problem after trying other options, purchase pesticides you can use on the corn plants or around them. Pesticides should be a last option, as they are not good for the environment.

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