Corner Block Crown Molding Installation Tips

Corner block crown molding installation is an easier alternative to having to do the corners of your moldings yourself. It actually lessens the hassle of getting the perfect cuts in order to achieve smooth corner connections. However, you also have to take some things into consideration when installing the corner block molding on your walls.

1. Wood Alternatives

Although most moldings are made of wood, you may want to consider using another alternative for your corner moldings. One reason for this is that there are other materials that are easier to install. You have various choices of material other than wood such as Styrofoam or plastic. They can be finished in such a way that they look exactly like wood, but they are easier to install, and are much cheaper.

2. Choose Appropriate Design

When choosing your corner molding, make sure that the design you pick will go with the theme of your interior. Corner moldings have more detail on them compared to the ones running on your walls so choose the best one for your home.

3. Install Corners First

Always install the corner molding first before the ones that go to the sides. It’s easier to adjust the other parts in crown molding installation rather than alter the corner molding.