Corner Braces

large garage with shelving and bikes in one corner
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50

Corner braces are used in many building projects to help strengthen various supports. When building hanging shelves for a garage you will need to have corner braces handy as well.

Start by measuring from the ceiling to the bottom of the shelf. If you’re not good at remembering measurements then write it down.

Next, you’ll want to build supports. For each shelf, you will need three supports.

Now take your corner braces and screws and connect the pieces of wood together with the corner braces. You’ll also need corner braces to attach them to the ceiling as well. For each support you’ll want to have four corner braces.

After you’ve completed the supports you should double-check the distance and make sure they are 24 inches apart.

Tips for Building a Garage Shelf with Corner Braces

As an added bonus you can build shelves with corner braces so they go above garage doors.

You shouldn’t overload your shelves. Each shelf shouldn’t have more than 150 pounds on it.