Corner Desk Workstation Decor: Simple Yet Stylish Ideas Corner Desk Workstation Decor: Simple Yet Stylish Ideas

If your corner desk workstation is looking a little drab, it can easily be spruced up with a few simple, yet stylish touches which will make using the space more enjoyable. Consider the following simple, yet stylish ideas below to create a more aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Keep It Simple

Adding too many items is a common mistake people make when decorating their workstations. Picking one or two key pieces is a much better option than having too many.


By adding a few touches of leather to your desk, you can create a warm and strong work environment. You can add accessories such as leather pen and pencil holders, paper blotters, or organizing storage units. You can also add a leather candle holder or frame to really personalize the space.

Stylish Organization

A couple of well placed photo boxes or colorful totes can brighten up a work area. Plus, they have the added bonus of giving you some storage options for paper, pens, and other supplies. Pick out bright colors to stand out or more muted tones to create a cohesive look.

Using Color

To make a really bold statement in your work area, color is your best option. By using a different color for the top of your corner desk workstation, you can add some depth and texture, depending on your choice of color. If your desk has bookshelves, painting them a couple of complementary colors can also add some style to your space.

Adding Light

Lamps and other lighting options not only brighten up the work space, but also add a touch of style to your office. A classic desk lamp in steel or copper can make a work space seem formal, while a modern lamp will add a bit of fun to your area. 


Place a vase full of fresh cut flowers in your workstation and you'll notice the color as well as the scent it brings. If you can’t afford fresh flowers every week, a flowering plant, such as a cactus, is also a nice touch.  For a more dramatic look, fill a large floor vase with silk flowers. 

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