Corner Kitchen Cupboard Advantages And Disadvantages

Whether or not a corner kitchen cupboard works for your kitchen depends on a variety of factors. You’ll want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these cupboards before adding one into your home.

Advantages of Corner Kitchen Cupboards

The main advantage of cupboards tucked into a corner, is the use of space that is otherwise wasted. A good cabinetmaker can produce a useful space in the corner that holds a lazy Susan, shelving or large appliance storage spaces.

Corner cupboards give a uniform look to the kitchen, and allow a creative use of space. Some of them also contain pull out recycling baskets or slide out cabinets.

Disadvantages to Corner Cupboards

The traditional lazy Susan that is used in corner often loses items off of the shelves. Once items fall into the back of a corner cupboard, they are lost.

Over time, metal or plastic lazy Susans begin to sag and break. This makes them less useful and more prone to drop their contents in the back of the cupboard.

Whatever type of cupboard a designer uses in a corner, it is going to be difficult to access. There will be extra cost and effort involved in creating a door for the cupboard as well.