Corner Shower Units

Installing corner shower units is becoming a norm among urban bathrooms. Corner showers are usually recommended for smaller bathrooms or those suffering from a cramped appearance. They are often retailed as a utility installation, helping to conserve bathroom space. Even households with larger master-bathrooms can use corner showers in the secondary, smaller bathrooms. Corner showers can be understood as customized shower stalls, installed in one corner of the bathroom.

Some admirable features of corner shower units are:

Installation Ease

Installing corner showers is easy. The entire process can be done with household tools and common supplies sourced from hardware stores. Corner showers offer greater ease of installation since they are mostly retailed in a single-unit packaging. This essentially means that there is minimal need to set-up and assemble various, smaller units that can be demanding for homeowners. One-piece, corner shower installation kits negate any chances of creating leakages or the need to alter the existing bathroom design. Multi-unit corner showers are also available. However, these should be considered only if the chosen installation site is too suffocated to allow a single-unit installation.

Choice of Aesthetics

Corner shower units can be chosen in complementing shades, to match the color of the tub or the bathroom walls. Many bathroom supply retailers offer corner shower unit and corner tub packages. Corner shower units can be ordered across a wide range of construction materials. They are commonly made from laminates, acrylics, ceramics, fiberglass and even imitation marble. The doorless shower units are one of the more common types of corner shower units, since they offer the greatest space-saving feature.