Cornice Return

A cornice return is a triangular piece of material that is placed below the rake fascia on the corner of a roof. Sometimes this helps with drainage, and other times the cornice return is more of a decorative piece. Many old Victorian style homes have a very elegant cornice return that has been carved and painted.

To make a cornice return you will need:

  • A ladder
  • Wood
  • A saw
  •  A measuring tape
  • Nails and a hammer

Measure the corner of the roof beneath the roof fascia. You will need to know either the slope of the roof, or the length and height of the cornice return. Cut out a right triangle with these measurements. Nail the cornice return into the roof fascia so that the longest end is against the roof and the right angle is pointing in towards the house.

Complex Cornice Return

Sometimes a cornice return will have to be made longer if it is being made around the porch roof. Some of the fanciest returns are decorated with crown molding or carved into. This effect looks best if it is repeatedly used throughout the design of the house in all of the trim.