Cornice/Valance Ideas

What You'll Need
Crown molding
Mosaic, mirror or glass tiles
Shirred fabrics or swags
Beaded fringes and tassels

Cornice valance is a kind of hard valance that covers the uppermost part of a window. And yet, it is not just a way to dress up a drab window. Cornice valances, whether custom made, designer’s choice or do-it-yourself products, provide elegant window dressing and are one of the most popular window treatment styles. Apart from windows, cornices can be placed over beds in bedrooms, perfectly completing the interior and adding a touch of luxury to any home.

A great variety of cornice valances is available for purchase on the market. However, if you want to put your own ideas into practice and add personality to your home, you can easily and effortlessly create a cornice. Above all, you can achieve that by using low-cost materials or even materials found around the house.

Word of Advice

There are several factors you have to take into consideration before you choose the style and design of the cornice. The size of the room and the window will determine the size of the cornice. The larger they are, the larger the cornice.

Here are some fresh cornice ideas that will come in handy.

Creating a Wood Cornice

The simplest types of cornice is the non-fabric-covered cornice. It is a three-sided box made of one or two long wood strips and two side ones that give depth to the cornice. The exterior design of the board will depend on your carpentry skills. For more interesting accents to the interior try the following:

  • attach a crown moulding to the cornice top 
  • shape the lower edge zigzag
  • add a scalloped bottom edge
  • add any other artistic design according to your liking
  • paint or stain the board with colors matching the rest of the décor elements
  • glue decorative wood pieces painted in different colors to the facing board
  • add a soft valance below to match your linen
  • add wood carving patterns

For a real modern touch, attach mosaic, mirror or glass tiles on the face of the cornice. Tiles used in kitchen backsplash would be great for this purpose.

Making a Fabric Wrapped Cornice

Batting and fabric cover the wooden cornice box and soften the look of the board, giving any window an elegant finishing touch. You can wrap the cornice first with batting and staple it to the back. Then cover the batting-wrapped cornice with fabric of your choice and staple it as well. There is an endless array of options here. Upholstered cornices can be decorated with bows, jabots, shirred fabrics or swags and trimmed with beaded fringes and tassels. Wrap the cornice in contrasting fabrics, and you will achieve an eye-catching visual effect.

For a really dramatic effect, you can even attach lighting to the wall before you mount the cornice. To get a finished look, combine the cornice with traditional curtains in matching colors.

Let your imagination soar, and you will create unique and stylish cornice valances that will perfectly complement the rest of your home décor.