Correctly Using A Carpet Knee Kicker

When you install carpet, use a carpet knee kicker to help you lay it down easily and save you a lot of time. Once you get the hang of it, you will find the job goes much faster. Here’s how you can use one the right way.

Positioning the Teeth

A carpet knee kicker will have teeth on the end of it. When you position the kicker, push the teeth down into the carpet about an inch away from the wall. Otherwise you will just waste your energy.

Kicking It

A carpet knee kicker has cushioning on it. You will need to almost slam your knee into the cushion to achieve the desired result. Don’t slam the middle of your knee into it. This would probably hurt. Instead use the area just above your knee to give you more leverage and create more power. It might take a couple of kicks in each area to get the carpet in place.

Alternating Between Kicker and Stretcher

As you finish working on one wall, use your carpet stretcher to get rid of any bumps in the carpet. Then you can attach the carpet on the other side of the room to the tacks and return to the kicker. Follow this process until you have attached all the carpet.