Corrugated Metal Siding Installation: 2 Tips Corrugated Metal Siding Installation: 2 Tips

Homeowners looking for residential siding with a variety of advantages, including simple metal siding installation, will find corrugated metal siding to be one of the preferred options. If you choose this option, you might need a few tips to install it. Here are a two that will be of help.

Tip 1 - Installing on a Clean Surface

Before installing your metal siding, take necessary steps to ensure that the surface you'll be installing it on is not only clean, but that it has no irregularities that can make you new siding uneven.  If you find Irregularities such as nails, or staples clips in your old siding, remove them if you can. If you can't, pound them into the surface. Remove old paint by scraping it off.

Tip 2 - Cutting Your Metal Siding

Cutting your metal siding can leave sharp edges that can easily cut you. Using the right tools to do this cutting will not only be safer for you but will very likely get the job done faster and more accurately. A few of these tools that will be helpful may include electric shears, a power saw, and an electric nibbler. But even with the right tools, you will need the protection of heavy gloves and safety goggles.

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