Corrugated Pipe Drain Cleaning Tips

Drains built with corrugated pipe can be difficult to clean, especially if they have become blocked over a period.

Warm Water

If the drain is not large you can sometimes get good results by flushing the pipe with warm water. This works particularly well if there is grease as a contributory factor.

Proprietary Products
There are several products available that claim to clean drain pipes and it is worth trying one of them if the water doesn’t work. Follow the instructions very carefully to get the best results.

Bottle Brush
If the pipe is not very long you may be able to use a wide bottle brush attached to a flexible rod. The bottle brush is soft and the bristles will travel through the corrugations. Sometimes it is effective to push the brush all the way through the pipe and then, while flushing the pipe with water, move the brush backwards and forwards. This way you will keep new blocks from forming as you flush the pipe.

There are specialist companies who will clean a corrugated plastic drain pipe and you should call one in if you can’t do it successfully yourself.