Corrugated Pipes for the Home Use Corrugated Pipes for the Home Use

Corrugated pipes are one of the best solutions in home piping system because of their special ability to bend easily; hence it makes them the ideal ally for awkward and tight angles. Nowadays corrugated pipes are used everywhere in the house, that is, under the sink, gutters, etc. There is no strict rule as to where they are used; you can use them both on the inside as well as on the outside. But you have to keep an eye on them because they clog very easily. This is because of their unique design, thus what makes them useful may make them also detrimental.

Cleaning Corrugated Pipes With a Natural Solution

As mentioned before, corrugated pipes tend to clog easier than normal piping so you have to clean them regularly to avoid any clogging. Normally, pipes clog because of various reasons, mainly bits and pieces of food and hair. In order to avoid such a clog you have to rinse them periodically with a simple natural solution such as baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. The latter solution will clear out any simple food residue, amongst others. This procedure has to be done more frequently in regard to corrugated pipes because food bits tend to get stuck in the corrugated design and clog it firmly. So in order to avoid such a situation clean them frequently with the above mentioned natural solution.

Corrugated Pipes Position

In order to facilitate the water flow in corrugated pipes it is advisable to position the corrugated pipe at a slope, that way water will flow easily into the drain or gutter, as the case may be. The latter method shall relieve the corrugated pipe from food pieces that may get stuck to the corrugated design. This method may not always be possible because of the piping system but try to use it as much as possible, when you can.

Avoid Extreme Corner Bending

It is important not to bend the corrugated pipe to its extreme, otherwise clogging will be a certainty. So if you need to bend it around a very tight corner use the above mentioned method (slope) so that there is proper water flow. Try to avoid the extreme bending as much as possible; if you can, go round the obstacle.  

Using a Chemical Cleaning Solution

When using a chemical cleaning solution make sure to read the manufacture’s instruction carefully to avoid any damage to the corrugated pipes and obviously to avoid any harm to the person. Not all chemical cleaning solutions are beneficial to home use corrugated pipes so make sure to find out before using such materials.


As you can see corrugated pipes offer a variety of solutions to your home needs but in order to function well you need to take good care of the corrugated piping as to avoid damage or clogging. Remember to consult a professional before attempting to use corrugated piping as that may not be the best solution for your problem.

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