Corset Dress

A corset dress can fit to any shape or weight of a lady. Usually a corset dress is made with steel boning which gives it the famous hourglass shape. When it comes to a corset dress there are two major types. The first dress has a built in corset for the bodice while the second type has a separate corset top that gets worn with a skirt or pants. For a corset dress that won’t be worn down over time look into diva corsets. They are constructed with steel boning.

A corset dress can come in many different styles which vary from knee length to under bust and mini length. If you want to add extra style to your corset dress find one that has LED’s embedded in it. This kind of corset dress is known as a light up corset dress.

How a Corset Dress Works

When a lady wears a corset dress it lifts up the bust and draws in the waist. The amazing part about it is that it can draw in your waist up to six inches! A good solid brocade corset dress will be an elegant choice for a formal occasion.