Cost Comparison: Restore or Remove Vinyl Siding?

It is usually time to remove vinyl siding when it has become damaged or faded. This is especially true when someone just purchases a home and wants to have a much better curb appeal. Some people will also remove the vinyl siding and replace it with new siding right before they sell their home. While there are some good reasons to remove the vinyl siding, it is more economical, and ecologically friendly, to restore it.

Restore or Remove

Vinyl siding is one of those things that you do not think about restoring. Once the color begins to fade the most likely scenario is to remove the siding and replace it. However, this can be a tremendous cost to the person who makes this decision. There are some considerations to think about when working with the vinyl siding of your home. Here are some cost comparisons to think about.

Cleaning Does a Lot

Most of the time, before any work is done to the vinyl siding, a good cleaning will spruce up the look by quite a bit. When it is thought to be faded, it is actually grimy. When the vinyl looks broken, it is usually a coating of dirt or bird droppings. Before making any decision, use a power washer and clean the vinyl.

Replacing One Section

If there is only a small section that is damaged you should think of only replacing the damaged portions instead of the entire wall or home. To replace the entire section of a 400 square foot area could end up costing you more than $2,000. However, when looking at only the damaged pieces of the vinyl, you can save up to $1,800. If the section is in the middle of the home, there will need to be some care taken in removing the undamaged portions, but it is worth the extra care and time.

Updating Look vs. Replacing

After several years the vinyl siding can begin to look stained from the rain and dust as well as faded from the sun. Many people will simply look at removing the old vinyl and replacing it with a new color and style. The cost of such an endeavor can easily cost upwards of $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of the home. An often overlooked quality of vinyl siding is that it can be painted over. There is considerable work involved in this process but for a new, updated look, at a fraction of the cost, painting is a viable solution. A high grade acrylic paint works best for vinyl siding. The cost can still be up to $3,000 to $5,000 in paint, but still much less than having to remove the vinyl siding.

Do It Yourself vs. Hiring Contractor

The savings of either removing or refinishing vinyl siding is mostly found in the labor costs. Hiring a contractor can add thousands to the bottom line of the bill. Doing the job yourself can also mean some out of pocket expense (if there are any mistakes), but will mostly be a time investment. Repainting, cleaning, or replacing broken siding yourself is a solution many people take over removing the vinyl siding and replacing it with new.