Cost Estimations for an In-Ground Fiberglass Pool Cost Estimations for an In-Ground Fiberglass Pool

If you are planning to install an inground fiberglass pool, then there are a lot of things that you should consider before you start the job of installation. Once you have calculated where the pool will go, and have got the necessary permits, you should still consider the overall costs of your inground fiberglass pool. These will not only include the costs of the pool and the installation, but also the yearly costs of having pool, and any extras.

Costs of the Pool

Your inground fiberglass pool will have to have accessories such as pool steps and walkways. Your local authority will have a list of regulations which your pool will have to include, and you should include all of these items on your list. You should also count the cost of installing tiles around the edge of the pool.

Costs of Installation

As your pool will be inground, you will have to pay for the hole to be dug correctly, and for the pool itself to be installed. These costs can soon mount up.

Yearly Costs

Once you have your pool, you will need to fill it with fresh water regularly, have it cleaned, and also pay for the costs of pool cleaner solutions.


Extras can include home insurance premiums, pool repair costs, and heating if you desire it.

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