Costs of Vinyl Casement Windows

Vinyl casement windows are a good choice for many different rooms and window designs. One of the things you will need to consider in your purchase of vinyl casement windows is the cost. Below are some of the things that can add to the price of your window.

Average Cost of Window

The cost of the window is determined by the size of the window and the functionality you wish to have. A casement window that is made of vinyl can run anywhere from $200 and up, per window.

Additional Window Options

There are additional features that can add to the cost of the window. First you will want to look at the wind load of the window. If your home is high up in the air (as is the case with a condominium sometimes), you will need to purchase a window that has a higher rating for wind load. As you add some of the following requirements and specifications to your window purchase, the cost of the window will increase.

Thermal Performance (for example, what is the Energy Star rating?)

Water Resistance Properties

AAMA Certifications or WDMA Certifications (American Architectural Manufacturers Association and Window and Door Manufacturers Association)