Countertop Deep Fryer

Compact, convenient and very affordable, a countertop deep fryer is one of many small appliances used in homes. Many home deep fryer models are no bigger than a toaster oven. Their relatively small stature means they'll fit nicely almost anywhere on a countertop. Plus, they often feature a stylish stainless steel exterior, perfect for matching with other appliances. In terms of their performance, countertop deep fryers equip home kitchens with the means of cooking restaurant-quality fried foods, as crispy and delicious as one likes. 

Countertop Fryer Options

Numerous brands like Presto, Deni, Rival, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, DeLonghi and Waring produce countertop deep fryers for home use. Available in sizes ranging from roughly 1 to 5 liters or roughly 4 to 20 cups, countertop fryers are suited to prepare individual as well as family-size servings. Cool touch models feature an exterior that is insulated from the hot oil, so it's safe to handle. Other models are built with a stainless steel shell for a sleeker look. 


Countertop deep fryers are electric powered and most commonly feature an immersible 800- to 1,800-Watt element that is removable for cleaning. Other removable parts include the enamel or stainless steel oil reservoir, lid and fry basket. Common performance features include an adjustable thermostat, timer, built-in odor filter and an auto shutoff circuit as well as breakaway magnetic cord for safety.