Countertop Edging Options

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Countertop edging is an important part of providing the finished appearance of your new kitchen countertop. In spite of this, it is also something that is quite often overlooked. There are many options for countertop edging, so there is a range of choices for a wide range of situations. More elaborate countertop edging can become quite expensive, so you will need to consider your budget before deciding which style to go for. There are many options available for any kind of countertop whether the countertop is made from wood, laminate, granite, or marble. Following is an overview of some of the most popular styles.

Straight Edging

Straight edging is one of the most common styles. It is also amongst the easiest and cheapest to install. In this style of countertop edging, strips of the appropriate material are glued onto the edges of the countertop. These may be a single, solid color, especially if the countertop itself is not a solid color from one end to the other. Straight or beveled edges in most applications are seamless and provide a fairly traditional style. If you have a laminate countertop, you will find that there is just as wide a range of edging options with regards to color and pattern as there are with the countertop surface itself.


Ogee edging is a style of countertop edging that focuses on elegance and refinement in its design. This style is comprised of concave and convex curves on top of each other. This kind of edging is particularly suitable for more expensive, harder natural materials such as marble, quartz, or granite. Natural countertops such as those made from granite can have their edges elaborately curved to have many elegantly decorative edges.

Rounded Edge

Another very popular edging option is the standard round or bullnose edge. Bullnose countertop edging is characterized by a convex shape. They are often suited to ceramic tile countertops. Not only are they used for edging kitchen countertops, but they are also used in a number of other situations such as bathrooms. They are also available for laminate countertops. In this case, the entire countertop, including the edge of it, is entirely seamless. The bullnose countertop edging comes in a number of varying styles as well. These include a beveled bull nose effect and a half-rounded bull nose effect with a straight lower, edge amongst others.

Hardwood Framing

A countertop surface can also be framed by using hardwood strips. These hardwood strips normally come already finished and ready to stick to the edge of the countertop. These are only appropriate for countertops made of wood, particularly plywood. The hardwood edging provides a higher quality appearance to the countertop overall, but it does require additional maintenance. The hardwood strips are glued along the edges of the countertop and level with the surface. Spills and scratches will cause the edging to get damaged over time and, periodically, it will need refinishing. This is no different from the surface of a wooden countertop, however.