Countertop Edging Tips for a Chrome Surface Countertop Edging Tips for a Chrome Surface

Chrome surface countertop edging can be done with an acid etched detail or with a vinyl stick on edged detail to make it more appealing. Most may find this task hard since you usually find chrome surfaces in industrial kitchen settings. When it comes to edging your chrome countertop surface, there are a few tips to help along the way in order to keep it looking attractive.

Acid Etching the Edges

Since the acid is used to create a permanent streak, you will have to have the level of the acid just right. A common mistake is a high acidity level. Be careful that the acid is not too strong as it will eat at the chrome and the inner metal will show in the counter. If done correctly, you could raise the value of your chrome countertop.

Vinyl Stick-on Edging

The acid edging may be a bit pricy, so an easy alternative is to purchase vinyl stick-on borders. They are strips that have designs in them and have a strong adhesive coating. There are not too many choices when it comes to the actual designs in them, but they are very inexpensive.

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