Country Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Creating a country bathroom look is easy, quick, and inexpensive when you use country's "ABC's" - Accessories, Blue, and Collectibles.


Bathroom accessories are essential. Towels can be embellished with simple lace, gingham, or calico ribbons available at any fabric store. If you don't sew, most alteration services can help you for a nominal charge. Guest finger towels can be simple checkered picnic napkins or flea-market flour sacks.

Sheets can make your country dream a reality. For a shower curtain, punch holes on top of a calico-printed sheet using your liner as a guide, or simply drape country-printed fabric over the bathtub using a few well-placed stick-on hooks. Plaques with favorite quotes, along with some stained shelving or a small, wall-mounted curio cabinet will complete the look.


Almost any country bathroom incorporates the color blue. A country-fresh, sky blue or grayish vintage blue can be an accent color or the primary hue in your new bathroom. Stencils are a quick way to add a country feel to walls or to create ceiling borders.


Have you noticed that you have a thing for roosters, ducks, or cows? Show off that collection on your new shelves or in your curio cabinet. Family photos of picnics and fishing trips framed or decopauged instantly add the country charm you're seeking.