Beyond the Cow and the Wreath: Great Ideas in Country Décor Beyond the Cow and the Wreath: Great Ideas in Country Décor

Design trends come and go, but country décor is one of those design genres that continues to reinvent itself with evermore stylish offerings. What might have begun with that spotted cowhide sofa cover has transformed into the more elegant leather divan of today’s country rustic. The following article offers more ideas to update your country for a blend that is still down-home—but with a little less barn and a little more comfortable elegance.

Chipped paint is out; fresh paint is in. For a while, the rustic charm of a paint chipped bakers rack held court in many country kitchens. However, a more polished look is the vogue of today’s country. Opt for a fresh coat of barn red or golden hues of harvest time. Don’t just paint the walls—paint the table, the cabinets and various other pieces of furniture in your kitchen. Choose earthy colors that coordinate well with each other. Or, stick with one color like green, but vary the shades.

Paint is one thing—but fabric is another fabulous way to introduce country patterns and colors into any room. Search for vintage linens for tablecloths and bedspreads. Calico is a delightful country charmer—consider it for curtains, aprons, chair cushions, etc…However, don’t be afraid to try a more rustic choice like burlap. Burlap can be made into a window shade that can be quite lovely when paired with a white kitchen for examples with just hints here and there of that cocoa brown color.

Finally, you can either dust the wreaths you have in every room and on the doors—or—you can update your wreaths with something less usual. For instance, instead of a kitchen wall wreath, consider hanging sprigs of dried lavender from your pot rack. Or, create a floral valence above a window using branch props and any dried or silk (choose the most realistic) flowers of your choice. For the front door, try a different take on the wreath, like an orange and lemon wreath for the summer and a peppermint and holly wreath for the winter.

Of course, wood will always be in style when it comes to country. Again, paint it or consider using wood in more unusual ways. For example, try replacing your traditional headboard with a barn door. Or, make headboards from logs for a pioneering look. You can also bring an old-world rustic appeal to a room by incorporating wood beams along the walls or ceiling. From these beams you can hang all manner of country objects from antique cooking implements to bouquets or dried flowers.

Remember to keep in mind that “country” can signify many places around the world from the antebellum style of the South to New England Colonial to French Provincial to English Cottage—or perhaps even a hodge-podge of all of the above. Today’s country can have that red, white and blue American appeal or the rustic allure of a Tuscan villa. Depending on your taste, you have a wide array of country palettes to choose from.

What country décor does lend itself to is a no-apologies kind of style. You can pair that barnyard print shower curtain you bought at a flea market for $3.00 with an antique claw foot tub right out of the Art Nouveau era worth $3,000. Country décor can be as original as you are—let your imagination guide you. Browse online for vintage items like cast iron implements and fabrics. Search local flea markets for additional items to use around the house and garden.

Whatever country style you aim for, make it all about hospitality and warmth and you will have a delightful hit your family and friends will love.

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