Crabapple Tree Care Instructions

The crabapple tree is a very popular ornamental tree. If you are interested in adding crabapple trees to your landscaping then you need to learn how to care for them.

Watering Crabapple Trees

A crabapple tree is pretty much self-sustaining when it comes to water, with the exception of the first year of the tree’s life. During the first year you will need to water your crabapple tree about as often as you water your grass. This will help the tree to develop a strong root system. After the first year, you won’t need to water it, as it will get what it needs from its surroundings. However, if your area is experiencing a drought then you will need to water it about twice a month.

Feeding Crabapple Trees

In most cases you don’t need to give a crabapple fertilizer. It is able to survive on the nutrients that are naturally found in the soil it's planted in. However, if your crabapple tree is not growing at least six inches a year, or if its leaves look pale and short, then you will need to add a nitrogen rich fertilizer to the soil around its root system. You will need to add one ten pound bag of 20-5-10 fertilizer to the 31.5 foot by 31.5 foot square under the flowering crabapple tree to enhance its growth and health.