The Beauty of Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels The Beauty of Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels

A beautiful hand carved wooden fireplace mantel adds considerable value and appeal to a home. Unlike mass produced mantels of lesser quality, hand carved fireplace mantels are completely unique and exceptionally beautiful. There’s nothing to compare to the beauty of handcrafted items. A hand carved fireplace mantel artfully crafted by a master carver, and created from the finest natural materials, is a priceless work of art.

Not only are hand carved fireplace mantels an attractive addition to home décor, but they also provide a functional way to creatively display items of interest above the fireplace. A beautifully crafted fireplace is the focal point of a room, and items such as collectibles, trinkets, floral arrangements, candles, and photos will create even more interest when displayed on a beautiful hand carved fireplace mantel. A stunning hand carved mantel is the perfect frame for a beautifully crafted fireplace.

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing fireplace mantel, or if you’re planning on adding substantial value and warmth to your home with the addition of a new fireplace, consider investing in a hand carved wooden mantel. You’ll be amazed by the intricate detail as well as the skill in craftsmanship displayed in a quality hand carved fireplace mantel. Choose a hand carved fireplace mantel that reflects your individual style and décor, and your home will be a stunning display of craftsmanship, class, and unique design.

Aspen is one of the finest types of hardwood available, and this close relative of the poplar is one of three related species native to the north central and northeastern portion of the United States. Aspen is established as far north as Alaska, and this versatile high-quality wood is widely recognized as a fantastic choice for creating hand carved fireplace mantels. Master carvers prefer aspen to other types of wood because of its fantastic stability and beauty. Aspen is worth the investment if you want a hand carved fireplace mantel that’s rich in quality as well as appearance and design.

Aspen is soft and exceptionally light in color, and it has even grain that isn’t initially apparent. It looks very unassuming and plain, until it’s coated with stain. The imperceptible grain emerges with immense beauty upon staining, and it can be stained and finished to match virtually any type or color of wood. This is a great option for those who want the look of expensive hardwood without the expenditure. If you want to match existing furniture, woodwork, walls, or cabinetry, aspen is the perfect choice. Aspen can be easily stained to match walnut, hickory, cherry, and other costly varieties of hardwood. You can achieve the look you want without spending a great deal of money.

Although stain looks rich and appealing, not everyone prefers stained furnishings. There is a virtual rainbow of paints available to compliment the colors of any room, and paint provides many more decorating possibilities. For those wanting to paint or glaze their fireplace mantel to match painted woodwork or cabinetry, beautiful hand carved fireplace mantels are available, and they are crafted from high-quality paint-grade wood. They can be painted or glazed to match any color, design, or décor, and they are the perfect way to complete the look of any room.

Exclusively designed fireplace mantels add beauty and worth to a home. Whether you plan on selling your home someday or keeping it indefinitely, a hand carved fireplace mantel is an asset. Invest in the beauty and value of your home, and consider a hand carved fireplace mantel that will match your lifestyle as well as your budget.

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