Crafting Recycled Light Bulb Vases

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What You'll Need
Old light bulb Needle nose pliers Glue Ribbon or thin rope Lightweight screw-in wall hooks Fake or fresh flowers
What You'll Need
Old light bulb Needle nose pliers Glue Ribbon or thin rope Lightweight screw-in wall hooks Fake or fresh flowers

Spring has sprung. OK, maybe not quite yet, but there’s no harm in being a little proactive this year. Whether you frequent a weekly farmer’s market, the mom and pop flower shop around the corner, or just make an impulse buy at the grocery store, flowers are a sure way to brighten up your home at any time of the year. And in this case, flowers can brighten up your home in more ways than one.

Ever think about ways to reuse and recycle old light bulbs? Probably not. But there is something so clean and bright (all right, I’ll stop with the bright double entendres) about the thin glass and perfect shape of a light bulb. To me, it just screams the need to be on display. So, why not make a hanging flower vase out of it? Since it's small, this vase will not be the receptacle for your dozen long stem red roses, but it can make a great home for daisies, a single peony bloom, or even baby’s breath. (Not just a filler. Plus, they will last forever without water.) Try different size light bulbs to play with depth and dimension.

All you need is a couple of old light bulbs, a set of needle nose pliers, super glue, thin rope or ribbon of your choosing, lightweight screw-in wall hooks, and some favorite flowers.

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Step One

The hardest part is getting the end metal off the bulbs without breaking the glass. Using the pliers (and your patience!), bend back a section of the metal. It will eventually bend enough to snap off. Continue all around the perimeter, until all the metal is off.

Step Two

Remove the inside of the light bulb, which is all the electrical stuff. Stick the needle nose pliers inside the light bulb to pull everything out.

Step Three

Take your ribbon or rope and tie it around the neck of the bulb. Not only does this add a bit of character, but it can also hide any mistakes made when taking the metal off. Place a small amount of glue under the rope to secure it to the light bulb. Make sure to leave a little section unglued in the back so you can slide the hook on.

Step Four

Find some wall space to hang the light bulbs. They look great in the bathroom, the kitchen, or an entryway. Use your creativity and find a space where you can hang several in a row either horizontally or vertically. Screw in the wall hooks, keeping in mind the space you need below the hook for the light bulb to hang.

Step Five

Attach the light bulb onto the hook by placing the hook between the layers of ribbon or rope that you didn't adhere to the glass.

Step Six

Top with fresh or fake flowers. Remember that if you use fresh flowers, put a small amount of water in the bulb first.

Renovation and recycling. How resourceful!