Crafting Your Own Wood Garden Archways Crafting Your Own Wood Garden Archways

By no means do you have to be a professional carpenter in order to craft great garden archways, but some experience with woodworking will be helpful. After your project is complete, you will have a special archway to place in your garden. If you truly enjoy the process and prove to have superior craftsmanship, you could potentially start making garden archways for friends and coworkers. Before you get excited, realize that designing an archway is a three-part process. First, you will need to find the proper inspiration, then you will have to come up with a design and prototype, then the actual construction process will begin.

Clip Pictures

Visiting gardens and reading garden design magazines will give you a better picture of the type of archways you will want to design. Clip out pictures, take photographs and closely inspect all archways that catch your eye. Consider making a scrap book to place archway references in to keep you better organized. Use drafting software or use a trusty pencil to start formulating the archway designs that come into your head. Be sure to have at least three to four finished designs on hand before you shop for archway supplies.


If you are not a trained architect, it is vital that you make archway prototypes before constructing one. Use scrap wood, cardboard – anything that is small and easy to cut in order to build your prototypes. Test them against simulated weather elements, check for durability, and record your results. If all of your archway prototypes survive this process, just pick the design that you like the most to build.

Work Space

If you don't want to invest into purchasing power tools, ask a friend or relative to borrow theirs. The same goes for work areas. Having a clean, quiet, and safe workspace will make the archway construction process go smoothly. Before you begin to construct your garden archway, make sure that you will be able to move it to its destination without disassembling it. Otherwise, just keep all of the archway pieces loose and construct it on-site. Use the power tools to cut out wooden pieces, starting from the bottom up to construct your archway. You may have to move the incomplete archway around a bit, perhaps laying it on on its side in order to complete the top portion.


Embellishments such as staining and woodcarving should be left until the main structure of your archway is complete. Use carving tools to cut out small details, and place newspaper underneath your archway if you plan on staining it. In either case, use a good quality wood seal to protect your archway from rain and sun damage. Finding a good place to display your archway shouldn't be hard. Don't worry if any plants are in the way of your ideal location, just use a small gardening shovel to dig out two clear points in the soil. Place your garden archway in the ground, packing dirt around the entire base. If you have constructed your archway well, you will be able to enjoy your creation for years to come.

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