Crazy Bedroom Designs for a Rock Star Teen Crazy Bedroom Designs for a Rock Star Teen

Teens are picky when it comes to their bedroom decor.  The pastels and floral or sports themes of childhood are quickly replaced by solid colors and loud music that seems to be a decor of its own.  If your teen is a rocker wannabe, the ideas below can help you add a rock attitude to his bedroom decor.  Remember that before you attempt to redecorate any teen's bedroom, the best thing to do is consult him about what he wants the room to look like.  

Get His Groove On

Teen boys are extremely different from teen girls when it comes to bedroom decor desires.  For the male rock star teen, the look is all about denim and t-shirts.  For a great bedroom decor, incorporate those aspects into the bedroom's design.  Frame t-shirts from his favorite concerts and hang them on the wall.  Install small ceiling track lights that will shine down on the framed tees for a dramatic effect.  Tie denim into the room's decor by adding dark denim curtains or a denim comforter.  Consider black lights or strobe lighting for the room's main light sources.  The floor can be tiled with large black tiles that have been painted with a star reminiscent of Hollywood's famous boulevard.  Rock band posters, an electric guitar and speaker, and autographs from famous rock stars will help round out the room's decor.

Dazzling Diva

For the female rock star, the rock star room look will be more feminine.  Capitalize on colors that are worn frequently by her favorite rockers and use those in the room's decor.  Use not only the colors for inspiration, but the way in which a favorite rock star dresses to add style and spark to the room.  If the teen is into country rock, go with a country theme for the room.  If a hard rock style is more her thing, blacks and metal with an added pink accent may be just the right decor.  Consult with the teen before redecorating to make sure that the plan for the room is to her liking.

Center Stage

If the teen is a born performer and the budget allows, design the room to look like a concert stage.  Create a raised platform, install spotlights that shine down on the center of the stage, and include a variety of guitars and keyboards.  Be sure to include a microphone!  Recording software can be downloaded to the room's computer, so that the teen can rock out and record all at once.  Acoustic ceiling and wall tiles can be added to the room during the redecorating to help control the noise.  If the room is too small to include all the musical accessories and a bed, put the bed on the raised platform and drape the wall behind it with black curtains similar to ones seen on concert stages.  

The time spent redecorating the room can be done as a team project with your teen.  The final result can be a crazy rock star bedroom that is even better than what you had envisioned.

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