Create A Bookcase Using Cynder Blocks And Plywood

What You'll Need
Several pieces of plywood, cut to the desired length and width of your bookcase
Cinder blocks, 2 for each shelf, 3 if they are longer than 6 foot shelves or if you will place heavy items on them
Finish or Stain

Making a bookcase won’t require a lot of carpentry skills. Using a few basic tools, you can create a fabulous shabby chic bookcase that won’t break your bank account or consume a lot of time. Here’s what you need to make your own.

Step 1- Start by Measuring

The first step in creating your bookcase is to measure the amount of wall space you'll use. You want to take in to account the length, width, and height of the bookcase. Jot down these measurements and take them to the hardware store to buy your supplies. The hardware store will usually be able to cut the plywood to size for you. If they don’t, you will need to cut them down to size at home.

Step 2- Sand and Stain

Once you have your materials, you will want to sand the plywood down. Always use your gloves and goggles when you are working with sanding or painting materials. Make sure you are sanding evenly to create the smoothest surface possible.

After you’ve sanded all of the plywood, you can move on to painting or staining. Staining doesn’t always work as well on plywood, but it will still give you a neat look if you try. If you decide to paint you may want to use a paint that has a primer in it, or prime the wood first. Plywood likes to soak up the paint pretty easily. Make sure you paint both sides and all around the edges to obtain a uniform look. You could even choose a faux finish if you want a different look. The choices are limitless. Let the stain or paint dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3- Set up the Book Case

You want to start with two of the cinder blocks. Place one on each side of the board at the appropriate spacing. Place the first board on top of the cinder blocks. Once the first shelf is placed, you can adjust the blocks as needed. You will want to leave about an inch of overhang to add more support. After you have the placement correct on the end blocks, you can add a block square in the center if you need to use the extra one.

You can now begin to place the second set of cinder blocks directly under the first and add the second shelf. Continue this process all the way until you reach the last shelf. You will obviously not need cinder blocks on the top of the last shelf.

Additional Tips and Hints

While these book cases are very easy to assemble and can add charm to your home, they shouldn’t be used if you have very heavy items to place on the shelves. You can double up on the plywood for extra strength.

These shelving units are also not very kid friendly. It won’t take a lot of effort to push them down or break them. You may want to avoid using this method if you have rambunctious children in your home.