Create a Brilliant Mosaic Flowerpot with Broken Ceramic Pieces

What You'll Need
Flowerpot (a clay pot is a great choice)
Broken ceramic pieces, old china plates, bowls, cups, etc.
Tile adhesive
Tile grout
Grout sealer
Rubber gloves
Old towels or sheets, hammer, protective eyewear
Masking tape

Flowerpots are rarely as colorful and beautiful as the plants within them, but they can be! Spice up those old flowerpots by decorating them with broken ceramic pieces to create a new and improved brilliantly colorful mosaic flowerpot. If you are new to mosaics or a gardener who needs to liven up your yard and patio, decorating a flowerpot with broken ceramic pieces is the perfect project.


  • Ceramic will adhere to many surfaces, including wood, metal, terra cotta, but not plastic, so forget about remaking plastic flowerpots with this project.
  • Cover the lip of the flowerpot or wherever else you want to keep clean with masking tape to prevent it from getting sticky and messy from adhesive and grout.

 Step 1 - Prep the Flowerpot and Ceramics

 Spread out an old sheet for easy cleanup of ceramic slivers later. Clean and dry the pot thoroughly. Gather different colors and designs of ceramic pieces and dishes. Consult a color wheel for help in choosing the colors that will best complement each other. Wrap the ceramic pieces and dishes in old sheets and towels and hit it with a hammer to break into random sized pieces. Use tile nippers to shape into specific shapes and sizes.

 Step 2 – Create your design

Experiment drawing your design on paper first. For those not gifted at drawing, simple objects like a sun, yin-yang or flower can look great, especially with the right color choice. Checkerboard patterns or abstract designs are good options for those not prepared to create a landscape mural on their flowerpot. Arrange ceramic pieces on top of the drawn design to see how it will look on your flowerpot. Tweak your design if necessary and then draw the design on the flowerpot.

 Step 3 – Glue Ceramic Pieces

Using a tile adhesive, glue the ceramic pieces onto the flowerpot. Glue can be applied to the back of the tile or the flowerpot. Allow the glue to dry for several hours. Spacing can vary according to your personal desire, however evenly spaced tiles or ceramic pieces generally look best.

 Step 4 – Apply Grout

Using your hands (don't forget gloves), spread the grout into the cracks. Use a Popsicle stick or similar utensil to help work into the smallest areas and smooth it out. Try to remove blobs of excess grout, but don’t worry about getting it all-you can remove after drying.

 Step 5 –Cleaning Up and Waiting

Allow the grout to dry for at least 48 hours. Clean up carefully, being conscious of the many slivers of ceramics. When grout has dried, wipe with a damp sponge to remove the excess grout that may have dirtied the ceramics. Apply a sealer and wait another 48 hours before planting.

Plant your favorite plants in your flashiest flowerpot and enjoy the colorful beauty!