Create a Cactus Terrarium

What You'll Need
10 Gallon Aquarium
Cleaning Supplies
Cactus Potting Mix
Rocks of Different Sizes

Use a terrarium to continue growing your cactus during the cold weather months. Keeping a terrarium in your home can be a satisfying hobby. Cactus plants are very easy to maintain, which makes them ideal for terrarium life.

Step 1 - Clean Your Container

A 10 gallon container makes for a great-looking terrarium for a beginner. Clean it thoroughly so that there is no dust, sticker adhesive or other debris on the glass or in the aquarium. Wash with warm water and regular dish soap.

After you have cleaned both inside and out, rinse it until all the water runs clear. Make sure there is no soap residue left on the glass.

Step 2 - Put Down Layer of Gravel

Once you have the container cleaned out, you can begin the planting of the cactus in your terrarium. Lay down small gravel on the bottom—enough for a layer an inch thick. This will help with proper drainage of water through the soil. Cactus plants do not do very well when the soil is consistently moist.

Step 3 - Add Potting Soil

Cacti have different needs than regular plants. Use a mixture of soil, sand and manure to provide the balanced nutrients that the cactus need. Add a couple of inches of potting soil so that there is enough room for the roots of the plants to establish the plant and grow.

Step 4 - Add Any Rocks

You can decorate your terrarium any way you want. Putting in a few decorative rocks or other stones that you like will add to the general landscape of the terrarium. Just rest the rocks on the soil without pushing them in.

Step 5 - Add Cactus Plants

Using your fingers, dig a few small holes in the soil in which to place the cactus. Fill in the holes again, but do not pack it in too tightly.

Step 6 - Water Cactus

Since a cactus terrarium is not covered (as the cacti can not handle the humidity) you will need to water the plant. With the terrarium in an area where there is indirect light only, water the terrarium once a week or when the soil dries out.