Create a Castle Themed Bunk Bed

What You'll Need
1/2 -inch Plywood
graph paper
paint brushes

Many kids dream of ruling a kingdom of their own, or at least of sleeping in a bunk bed where they will be king of the castle. If your child is among these numerous candidates for royal comfort, read on to learn how to become an expert magician-constructor. To create the perfect castle, you must start with an extra sturdy bunk bed.

Step 1 - Preparation

To accomplish your building mission, you need a solid piece of furniture: a strong bunk bed, preferably made of wood. Examine it carefully to make sure that all connections, supports and fasteners are in place to provide for the safety and security of your child.

Step 2 - Design the Castle

Draw some castle plans on graph paper. This is the most important moment of your creative process, so take your time to invent the façade of the castle and various details. Consider watch towers, a drawbridge, arches, a staircase, a fountain, a moat, etc. Take measurements of the area and draw to scale.

Step 3 - Build the Castle Façade

The façade of the castle will be fixed to the longer side of the bunk bed. Cut the ½-inch plywood for the front side of the castle you already designed. Create a drawbridge, and don’t forget to make arched windows on both sides.  

Step 4 - Build the Watch Towers

Now, you have two options: to make a façade made of watch towers or to build them separately. If you choose the first option, make a small window so that your princess or knight could peep through it. If you are skilful enough and decide to construct the towers, you need to make the rectangular tubes large enough, allowing your kid to sit comfortably inside.

Step 5 - Paint and Decorate

Have your child join you for this step. The construction you just finished is a common type of castle. Whether you will turn it into a medieval citadel or Lion King’s home in the jungle is up to your imagination or your child’s dreams. You can paint the wood in any color. You might consider matching the colors with the décor of the kid’s bedroom. Decorative pieces made of fabric, paper or other materials may be in the form of rose bushes, flowering vines climbing up the façade of the castle or marble and brick stone walls.

Walt Disney May Help You

If you haven’t decided on the castle décor yet, you may think of using Disney themes. Princess Ariel’s castle, for example, might have some interesting undersea details such as crabs, fish and seaweeds, while the décor of princess Jasmine’s palace will be a totally different world. Pocahontas’s wigwam-castle may be another inspiring and challenging theme.