Create a Faux Stone Fireplace Facade Create a Faux Stone Fireplace Facade

Creating a faux stone fireplace is a great way to add a special touch to any room without the cost and construction of a traditional fireplace. A fireplace is a great way to add warmth to any room. They don’t have to be functional to add the same touch.

Here are some simple suggestions, before you get started, for using the painting method of faux stone fireplace creation.

Real Stone or Faux

You can create a faux fireplace with real stone, tile, or even paint. The stone may be a little more expensive, but will certainly last a lot longer than paint. Tile can be purchased to resemble stone and will give a slightly more formal look. Paint will be the most inexpensive method, and the least permanent. This would be good if you only want to create the ambience for the holidays, or like to redecorate frequently.


Consider the size of the wall you are placing your faux stone fireplace. If it’s a smaller room, you can get away with less work and materials. If you make your faux fireplace too large it will look out of place and heavy.

Prepare the Main Area and Paint

With some painters tape in hand, start to tape out the basic shape of the fireplace. Be sure to keep in mind the placement of the firebox, although you will tape that off later. Take several steps back and make sure everything is exactly where you want it before you begin painting. Once you’re certain of the placement go ahead and start painting the inside of the tape. This will serve as the faux grout, so be sure your color matches what you have in mind.


Once the grout colored paint is completely dry tape out an area of the firebox. Start to paint the inside of the firebox black. Try to avoid shiny black paint as this will look pretty unrealistic. You can also add a nice touch by painting some faux pebbles or rocks in the firebox itself. This is easy, all you need is a kitchen sponge torn in to several uneven pieces and brown and taupe craft paint.

Paint the Stone

Once you’re done with the firebox you can move on to the rest of the stone. You will use the kitchen sponges just as you did for the firebox. If you choose to use real stone you would just grout them on to the wall now.


A basic pine wood shelf is a great mantle for your faux stone fireplace. You can either find a shelf in a craft store that’s been pre-made, or make your own by visiting a local hardware store and purchasing the wood yourself. You can paint the mantle if you choose, but even leaving it just the plain pine color will be a beautiful effect.

Light the Fire

Go on the search for a unique candelabra or other candle centerpiece. The candles will provide you with the wonderful sparking glow of a fire, without the hazard and headache a real fireplace will create. Specialty craft stores will usually even have stone shaped candles. You can also find logs that have been made in to tea light candle holders. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity!

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