Create a Garden Wall with a Trellis

With a little bit of care and patience one can easily create a wall in their garden by using a Trellis and climbing plants. Using a trellis in combination with fast and thick growing climbing plant species can form a wall around your garden.

If you do not have a trellis in your garden already there is one thing to consider before purchasing one. You need to consider the desired height and width of the trellis. Envision the trellis covered in a thick layer of plants before buying a trellis that is as tall and wide as you desire.

If you’re employing a trellis solely for creating a wall in your garden and shielding it from view it may be wise to purchase three or four trellis’s to stand side by side and create a wall. The rest of this article will assume that you have purchased multiple trellises’ to create a wall around the perimeter of your garden.

After purchasing several suitable trellises, securely install them into your garden. Leave about a foot of space in between the sides of each trellis to accommodate the growth of future plant life.

Use concrete to cement the trellises’ to the ground if you wish to permanently install them into your garden. After they are installed you may begin selecting plants to grow up the trellises. The following is a list of three species of plants which grow quickly in almost any climate and are suitable to grow up a trellis.

Virginia Creeper

This plant is a deciduous vine which grows quickly. It creates clusters of tiny white flowers which turn into purplish-black berries that attract birds. The Virginia Creeper is most spectacular during fall when its leaves fade from dark green to pale orange and fiery red.

Japanese Wisteria

This plant is one of the most popular plants to train to grow on a trellis. It bears clusters of deliciously fragrant flowers which range in color from violet to crimson. It is an aggressive grower that adapts to almost any sun exposure. However, it must be planted in rich and fertile well-drained soil.

Trumpet Creeper

This plant blooms late in the year and produces yellow or red flowers that are shaped like trumpets. This plant is beautiful once established but it may take several years of growth before it blossoms. This plant easily climbs any trellis and can be trained to conform to any shape.

Once you have sewn the seeds or planted the seedlings of these plants all you have left to do is be patient. Each spring during the plants growing season, visit your trellis weekly to train the plants.

You will notice that the plants will produce healthy offshoots which grow wildly from the soil. Wrap and intertwine these offshoots around your trellises to train the plants to grow appropriately within the scaffolding of the trellis. In a few short years you will have created a beautiful wall of plants that use your trellises for support.