Create a Hand-Painted Bathroom Vanity

Adding an affordable custom touch to any bathroom is easy with a hand painted bathroom vanity. Here are a few paint options and effects to consider.


Glazing is a charming effect that can be added to any wood surface. Apply white shellac over the painted surface and rub a small amount of a contrasting color. Use the paint generously and wipe it off with rags. You will use many rags with this project, but it will look fantastic.


A slightly different method from the glaze is stippling. Stippling is achieved by using the same method as glazing, only you will use a long brush instead of a rag. Stippling creates a more elegant look.


Crackle is one of the easiest finishes to create an antique look. It is a popular customization for those who have a country themed home. Crackle is applied in several steps. You can purchase the supplies at any craft store.

Stencils or Freehand

If you are looking for a more customized look, consider using stencils or freehand paint techniques. The advantage is that you can match any décor, but it takes talent, time, and patience.