Create a Leach Field

A leach field is where the out flow from a septic tank is distributed and allowed to filter through the soil to be purified. Creating a leach field can be quite simple using a mechanical digger.

Step 1 – Depth of Soil

Establish that there is a sufficient depth of soil in the location you want to create the leach field.

Step 2 – Ensure a Grade

If you are not going to use a pump to distribute the effluent you have to ensure that there is a downhill grade from the septic tank outlet all the way to the furthest point of the proposed leach field.

Step 3 – Head Box

Create the head box for the septic outletthis is what collects the effluent and conveys it to the septic tank drain field through a series of pipes.

Step 4 – Leach Field Trenches

Mark out the trench pattern for the leach field, usually parallel trenches, and dig the trenches (remembering to ensure a constant down grade). If you save the sod when you dig the trenches you can use it to cover them when they are filled.

Step 5 – Filling the Trenches

Fill the trenches almost to the top with gravel and cover them with soil and the saved sod if any.

You can add refinements like a pump, but a basic leach field will use gravity to distribute the effluent throughout the field.