Create a Shabby Chic Look with a Wicker Window Seat Bench Create a Shabby Chic Look with a Wicker Window Seat Bench

A wicker window seat bench can be made to look or appear shabby chic. Shabby chic is a design craze developed in the late 1980s to make furniture look worn and used. This was achieved by distressing furniture to give it a more antique look while maintaining some semblance of sophistication. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to purchase “Pre-distressed” shabby chic furniture, you can accomplish this look on your own.

Cleaning the Wicker Window Seat

Take a wicker window seat bench that you have or purchased new and clean the wood with a trisodium phosphate solution. The piece should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt and debris in order to make it easier to prepare for the shabby chic look. Loose paint can be removed using a scrapper tool and paint stripper.

Repair any breaks or structural defects in the window seat before you begin your work. This will make creating the shabby chic look easier, and also make the window seat functional as well as stylish. Reinforce the seat and any legs to give it strength before proceeding with the painting and distressing of the piece.

Preparing the Wicker Window Seat

Use sandpaper to remove any remaining paint. While sanding the piece, leave gouges and marks that can be incorporated in the distressed look. Remember that you are going for shabby chic, so imperfections should be welcomed. Apply paint to the furniture and allow it to dry before working with the wicker window seat bench. If necessary, you can apply a second coat of paint to the wicker window seat. If you do, make sure that the piece dries completely.

Distressing the Wicker Window Seat

Use a fine grit sandpaper and scrub the surface of the wicker window seat. This will distress the seat and give it the antique look you are looking for. Once you achieve an aged look, finish the wicker window seat bench with a paste wax. This will protect the wood and the painted finish, as well as seal in the distressed shabby chic look.

Distress all surfaces of the window seat, working meticulously to make the look appear uniform but appropriately aged. You may need to go over a distressed area several times in order to achieve the exact look that you are going for. Be patient when working on the window seat and keep in mind that mistakes may actually enhance the shabby chic appearance.

Decorating Your Shabby Chic Wicker Window Seat

You can decorate the wicker window seat bench with pillows, a padded seat or other design element that gives it a more elegant or upscale look. What you decide to do with the bench after the distressing process has been completed is entirely up to you and your tastes. Be as creative and as open minded as you wish, maintaining the balance between shabby and chic.

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