Create a Weed Free Flower Bed

Almost without exception, flower bed gardeners will agree that weeds are among the most frustrating challenges of growing a beautiful garden of flowers. If you are planning to grow and cultivate a flowerbed, just follow these simple steps to keep your garden free of weeds.

Step 1: Planning Your Garden
A clean and well planned flower garden begins a good flower bed design that will allow you to  deprive future weeds of nutrients such as water and sunlight these seeds need to sprout and grow. Design your garden so taller flowers are planted in its center, with shorter flowers planted along its edges.

Step 2: Tilling Your Soil

In planting a new garden, your breaking up the soil by tilling or spading it with a garden fork will bury young or growing weeds and deprive them of sunlight. But avoid digging deeper in the soil than 2 inches. Disturbing deeper soil will only bring weed seeds to the surface where they will be nourished by direct sunlight.

Step 3: Speading Black Plastic

If you spread a black plastic sheet to keep sunlight from finding weeds it can nourish, remember that in hotter summer months the black sheet can absorb heat from the sun and can damage plants in the heated soil.