Create an Impressive Décor with Decorative Brass Hardware

One of the tried and tested ways of creating an impressive décor in the house is to use decorative brass hardware. Everyone is constantly looking for ways to add to the décor of the house and raise the aesthetic value of their home without going overboard or making it look garish. Items made of brass have become extremely popular in recent times as more and more people are coming to realize the visual appeal and practical worth of brass fittings. Brass hardware can be used in the form of door knockers, door knobs, staircase banister fittings, kitchen cupboard handles, bathroom faucets and fittings and much more. Carefully chosen and beautiful brass hardware can lend a majestic aura to the entire house.

Reasons for Choosing Brass Hardware

  • The main advantage of using brass hardware arises from the fact that it makes for the most versatile hardware pieces. Decorative brass hardware can combine with modern furnishings and fittings in the house to create an impressive avant garde atmosphere. They can also be mixed with antique fittings and furniture to create a charming, old-worldly atmosphere. Brass hardware is ideal for the usual home décor and for creating special theme based effects.
  • One of the main reasons for choosing brass hardware lies in the fact that the material does not wear off quickly. The luster and color of material stays intact for years to come and when it does begin to fade, brass takes on a burnished look that often adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

Common Types of Brass Hardware

 There are several types of brass hardware which one can use in the home.


Brass candlesticks are the most common brass hardware in homes. Ornate carved candles are often available at throwaway prices at second hand sales and make for great decorative items for a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Brass Figures

Brass figures are excellent compliments for table tops and even for keeping just outside your door if big enough. Brass figures are commonly available in ethnic shops, specially from places like India.

Brass Tables

Brass tables make excellent showpieces for keeping in a corner of the room. With proper lighting and placement, they can lend a very bright and regal look the the surroundings.

Taking Proper Care of Brass Hardware Fittings

Simply installing decorative brass hardware in the house is not enough to create a beautiful and impressive home. One needs to take proper care of the fixtures to make sure they continue to look good through time.

Removing Tarnished Layers

All dirt and grime must be cleaned off thoroughly. Regular maintenance of brass hardware prevents tarnishing but in case it does occur it is important to remove the soiled layer. Use a steel wool brush dipped in mild soapy water to scrub decorative brass fittings around the house. It is important to be gentle while scrubbing so as not to damage the brass.

Polish Well

Maintain the shine and luster of the hardware by regularly polishing it with brass polish.

Protecting the Brass

Prevent further damage by coating the brass with a layer of lacquer. Regularly waxing the coated hardware will protect it from weathering.