Create Custom Made Curtains in 3 Steps Create Custom Made Curtains in 3 Steps

If you are looking to give your home an added touch, then custom made curtains are going to be the way to go. As curtains can get a little bit expensive, you should look into creating your own custom made curtains to add personal flair to your home.

Finding the Right Material

There are all sorts of materials that you can look into using, and most of them are lying around your home right now. You can use sports jersey’s for a little boy’s room, or cute floral dresses for a girl’s room. Try finding a nice tapestry that can easily be draped over the curtain rod. There is no sewing and no mess!

Making the Right Measurements

Before you actually get started you need to make sure that you have proper measurements of the curtain rod. If you are using old clothes or jerseys, these can easily be cut and patched, giving the curtain a more personal touch.

The Cost

Typically, you are not going to have to spend very much on your own custom made curtains as long as you let your imagination run wild. Walk around your home as well as garage and see what you can find. For the artistic types, tie-dying and hand-painting are also options for you. And remember, think outside of the box!

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