Create Your Own Home Bathroom Spa

home spa

It used to be only the most upscale and expensive homes had bathroom spas, but over time less wealthy folks have decided to enjoy the spa experience at home as well. Modifying a home's original bathroom to create your own spa can be a manageable project for a DIY'er or even someone with a small budget. Here's some idea on how to go about creating your own home bathroom spa.

Choosing Colors

You want your bathroom spa to feel calm and soothing so choose colors that have a calming effect. Subtle shades of greens, tans, and blues are ideal choices for a home spa. You can enhance the feeling of softness by using satin paint finish rather than a matte or glossy finish. Color coordinated wall tiles with a reflective surface will also enhance the relaxing environment.


Updating your bathroom faucets with new, stylish ones is a relatively inexpensive project that will update your home spa's appearance. Choose faucets to either tie in or contrast with your chosen colors. Switching your existing shower head for a rain shower head can help create the expensive spa feeling, or you could install fixtures with multiple shower heads to provide a totally different showering experience. No spa is complete without a tub. If your budget permits removing your existing tub and replacing it with a whirlpool is ideal, but you can give even update an older tub by installing an acrylic tub liner.


Many people suggest bamboo or even laminate flooring in a home spa, since it brings an outdoor feeling; however, both ceramic and travertine floor tiles are beautiful, water proof choices for your spa. Installing electric or hot water in-floor heating under your new floor tiles will guarantee you'll never step out onto a cold, bathroom floor again. Soften the hard floor space with a thick, soft rug.


You want the lighting in your home spa to be subtle and relaxing; a dimmer switch will give you the flexibility to have bright light when needed, but it still allow you to have soft, subtle light when relaxing in your spa. Sconces, candles, potpourri, and scented soaps add welcoming scents and touches of color to your spa.


Replace your old towels with new high-quality cotton ones to match your spa's color scheme. Roll the towels and lay them on a rack or in a wicker basket to create a welcoming appearance.

Soft Sound

Create a truly tranquil feeling with recordings of relaxing sounds such as rain, ocean waves, or classical music on your music system.