How to Create a Pet Door in Hollow Core Doors

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Pet door kit
Dremel cutting guide attachment #565
Metal punch

Many people like having a pet door so their pet can go out into the yard when they are not around. Creating a pet door in hollow core doors is a rather simple task if you follow these steps.

Step 1 - Use a Template

Find the bottom center of hollow core door that you are installing the pet door into and trace the pet door template on it.

Step 2 - Cut the Door

Punch through the four corners of the traced area. Carefully cut along the traced lines. Make sure that you are cutting through the whole door.

Step 3 - Use Sandpaper

Before you install the pet doorframe into the hollow core doors be sure to eliminate any rough edges that may exist. You can use a grinding stone or even a simple piece of sandpaper.

Step 4 - Install Frame

Install the frame and the rest of the pet door and you are done.