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When you think of Tuscan home décor you think of an inviting family atmosphere. You think of warm and rustic colors, with simple accessories. This design style is all about comfort and relaxing in a home that feels lived in. If you are looking for perfection, the designs of Tuscany are not for you. Tuscan homes focus on using items that are rustic and worn to create a living space for the whole family to enjoy.


Tuscan décor focuses on taking its colors from nature. There are many places to go with this theme you can focus on the natural colors such as browns, white-wash and beiges. You can also pull from nature and choose a brighter color scheme, sun-kissed yellows, and sky blues, olive green from the grass and trees, or the beautiful earth-inspired terracotta. Color is an excellent way to bring the Tuscan feel into your home, choosing a color is simple. Pick something that speaks to you, something you will be comfortable with day in and day out. Don’t be afraid of color, if you absolutely hate it on the wall, choose another color and start over. If you are having a difficult time choosing a color, find an inspiration piece such as a painting or fabric and draw your color scheme from that piece.


A common feature of a classic Tuscan style is the texture used to add character and warmth to the walls in your home. Venetian plaster is the most common way to add texture, but this process can be time consuming and messy. If you want the look of a plaster without the hassle you can also use several different faux finishing techniques to achieve the desired texture on your walls. An even simpler way to add texture is through glazes applied right over your existing paint. Of course you can always use classic wall coverings like wall paper to add color, interest and texture to your Tuscan décor.


Any time you are looking at a décor that focuses on nature you have to consider natural wood elements in your design. Tuscan décor lends itself to using beautiful dark or natural colored woods in many different ways. A great way to incorporate wood into your home is through flooring. A dark wood floor invokes a feeling of warmth throughout your entire house. You can also use wood elements for your furniture accent pieces, a natural toned end table, or a coffee table created out of a large piece of repurposed wood. You can also bring in a statement design by installing wooden beams on the ceiling. Using wood in your space will showcase the rustic, comfortable side of Tuscan décor.

When decorating your home in a Tuscan design style, the key ingredient is family. Tuscan décor was created to give families a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy their time with one another. If you focus on creating a home filled with comfort and warmth, you will bring the most important elements of Tuscan design to the forefront.

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