Create Your Own Door Awning

A door awning can give your home great curb appeal and provide your vistors protection from the sun or rain. An awning is easy to create and install. Here’s how you can do this on your own.

Step 1- Design the Awning
Before you start anything, you need to figure out what kind of awning you want. You have many choices for size and shape. Rounded marquee, gable marquee, quarter round, dome or traditional styles look great over doors. The look of the awning will be entirely up to the style of your home and your personal preference. You will also need to choose fabric and have an idea of the pattern you’d like on the awning fabric. Stripes and solids are the most common choices.

Step 2- Get Accurate Measurements

You will need to have an idea of the size and the pitch of the awning. The only way to get this is to get measurements of the door frame, the space available around the door for the awning, the height, and the length of space available as well.

Step 3- Go Shopping

-Tape Measure
-Waterproof Agent for Canvas
-2X2 Lumber
-2X4 Lumber
-Wood Screws
-Electric Screwdriver or Drill
-Wood Dowels
-Fabric Marker
-Heavy Duty Thread and Needles

Step 4- Prepare Your Frame
The frame design will vary depending on the shape of the awning you are installing. You will want to design a blueprint or draft for the frame design and follow it. Consult with a contractor or architect for the best way to do this. Hardware supply stores will have professionals on staff who can help you with the draft as well.

Step 5- Prepare the Fabric

Before you start to sew the canvas, you will want to treat it with the weatherproof agent you purchased. This will help to prevent leaks and keep the fabric lasting much longer than it would without the agent applied. In most cases this is done by laying the canvas out and brushing of spraying the sealant directly to the canvas. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer for specific information on application and drying times.

Step 6- Create the Awning
Now you are ready to create the awning. You need to measure out the fabric and mark it with the fabric pen where your cuts will be. This process will be similar to creating curtains. You need to sew in pockets for the dowels to attach to the frame.

Step 7-Hang the Frame and Awning

You can now attach the frame to the studs in the door frame and hang the awning from it.

Creating an awning is simple. Many hardware stores offer free workshops to help you with the process. An awning can provide your home with beauty, without much effort.