Create Your Own Flagpole

What You'll Need
5-gallon bucket
15-foot PVC pipe, 2 inches in diameter
Ready-mix concrete
Petroleum jelly
Plastic wrap
Rope cleats
Hooks for flag grommets
Eye screws
Wood to fit in PVC pipe

The flagpole has taken on many forms, from a simple de-branched tree to ornate metal piping with elaborate scrollwork. You can make your own flagpole with materials available at your local home improvement center.

Step 1 – Measure the Bucket Height

Measure the bucket height with the tape measure. Mark the same height up from the bottom of the PVC pipe.

Step 2 – Wrap the Pipe

Wrap the bottom of the PVC pipe up to the mark with plastic wrap. Secure the plastic wrap with tape. Cover the wrap with petroleum jelly; make sure you cover the whole surface area of the plastic wrap. You must cover all the plastic so you can easily pull the pole out from the cement.

Step 3 – Mix the Cement

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to mix the concrete cement. Once you have thoroughly mixed it, fill the 5-gallon bucket with 2 inches of concrete. Let it sit for a short time, then place the plastic-wrapped end of the PVC pipe into the 2-inch layer of concrete. Use the level to make sure the pipe stands straight when you place it in the concrete.

Step 4 – Pour in More

While you hold the PVC pipe straight, get a helper to pour in more quick-drying concrete about halfway up. Do not fill the bucket completely with concrete because it will become too heavy for you to easily move. The concrete will dry quickly, so hold the pole straight until it can stand on its own. Make sure the pole is level before the concrete hardens too much to allow the pole to move.

Step 5 – Allow Drying Time

Let the concrete dry overnight to make sure it hardens properly. Remove the PVC pipe from the concrete. It will come out easily if you applied the petroleum jelly properly. You may decorate or paint the flagpole to give it a more personal look. Allow adequate drying time before you replace the pole in the cement.

Step 6 – Attach the Rope Cleat

You should position the rope cleat about halfway up the flagpole. Drill pilot holes before you attach the cleat with screws. Make sure the holes are set evenly so the cleat sits balanced.

Step 7 – Place Wood Insert

Place the wood insert inside the PVC pipe so it sits flush with the opening at the top. Attach the pulley to the wood insert using some heavy-duty eye screws.

Step 8 – Thread the Rope

Once you have attached the pulley firmly, thread the flag rope through it and attach the flag hooks. You are now ready to locate the flagpole in your yard and fly your flag proudly. You may need to use a hand truck to move your flagpole to your selected location.