How to Create Your Own Media Storage Cabinet

Lead Image for How to Create Your Own Media Storage Cabinet
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Carpenter's square
Drill with bore bit
Wood screws
Hinges (4)
Door handles (2)
0.25-inch thick plywood

It is a common occurrence that we find ourselves collecting all kinds of media from video games and movies to CDs making a media storage cabinet a necessity. A good media storage cabinet can store everything from your television set and DVD player to all of your movies. You can spend money on a media storage cabinet but they are not difficult to build if you have some time on your hands and a few simple tools. The article that follows will show you how to build your own media storage cabinet.

Step 1 - Cutting the Plywood

You can change these plans as you see fit to better fit your needs. This is a fairly small media storage cabinet, but it is easily adjusted. Plywood is strong and will hold up to the weight you will most likely put inside the cabinet. Cut your plywood to the following dimensions:

  • 2x4x36-inches (4)
  • 24x5x36-inches (2)
  • 36x30-inches (2)
  • 36x9x36-inches (1)
  • 36x9x24x11.25-inches (2)
  • 36x48-inches (1)
  • 24x12x10.5-inches (2)

Step 2 - Media Storage Cabinet Shell

Place the 2x4x36-inch boards on your work surface and between them place a 24x5x36-inch tall piece of wood. Place the second piece of 24x5x36-inch wood at the other end between the larger boards. Use the carpenter's square to make sure they are even and plumb. Screw them together to form the sides as well as the top and bottom of the media storage cabinet. Lay the piece of wood that is 36x9x36-inch tall on top of the sides. Make sure the edges are completely even and then screw in place. This is the shell of the media storage cabinet.

Step 3 - Shelves

Place the first 36x9x24x11.25-inch piece of wood inside the media storage cabinet. Place the piece of wood 1-inch from the bottom. Make sure the shelf is flat, level and in place and then secure it with screws. Place the second piece of wood of this size inside the cabinet. Measure 24-inches from the top of the lower shelf and move this second piece in place. Make sure it is level and even and screw it into place.

Step 4 - Finishing the Media Storage Cabinet

Bore out 2 holes in the back of the media storage cabinet. Center each between the shelves. This is where the cables will exit. Screw the 36x48-inch piece of wood on top of the cabinet so that it is squarely placed. Install the hinges on the inside of the cabinet so that they are evenly place. The last two piece of wood are the doors and you can attach them to the hinges. Attach the handles to the doors centering them on the sides furthest from the hinges.