Using Wallcoverings to Create Cornices Using Wallcoverings to Create Cornices

What You'll Need
1/2" plywood with smooth finish on at least one side
Wallcovering border, border adhesive, sponge applicator
Wood glue, wood filler, medium-grit sandpaper
16 x 1 1/2" brads, nail set
Primer suitable for paint and wallcovering
Paint to coordinate with the edge of the wallcovering border
Angle irons, pan-head screws or molly bolts

Use wallcovering borders to create sleek, tailored cornices, which are especially attractive when used with simple undertreatments, such as shades, blinds, or sheer curtains.

Steps for Building the Cornice

  1. Measure and cut the plywood for the top piece of the cornice to correspond to the inside measurements of the cornice, as necessary for the clearance of the undertreatment.

  2. Cut the cornice front piece to the expanded width of the wallcovering border. (To determine the expanded width of the border, apply adhesive to 6" of border and fold in half. Allow to set for 5 minutes and remeasure the width. This will give you the expanded measurement.) The cut width of the cornice front is equal to the width of the cornice top plus two times the thickness of the plywood.

  3. Cut the cornice side pieces equal to the expanded width of the wallcovering border by the depth of the cornice top.

  4. After all your pieces are cut, glue and nail each side piece to the top piece. Glue and nail the front piece, aligning it to the top and side pieces.

  5. Countersink nails and fill the nail holes with wood filler. Sand front and side surfaces and edges until smooth.

  6. Apply primer and allow to dry. Paint lower edges and top of the cornice, extending paint slightly over the edges to front and side. Paint the inside of the cornice.

  7. Cut the wallcovering border equal to the distance around the sides and front of the cornice plus 4". Using your border adhesive, center wallcovering on cornice, wrapping wallcoveirng around the back edge of the cornice just to the inside edge of plywood and trim any excess paper.

  8. Secure angle irons on the inside of the cornice top, near the ends, and at 45" intervals or less. Hold the cornice at desired placement, making sure it is level. Mark the screw holes on wall or window frame. Remove angle irons from cornice and secure them to the wall, using pan-head screws or molly bolts. Reattach the cornice to installed angle irons.

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