Creating a Cloud Valance for a Child's Room

What You'll Need
1/4-inch plywood
Pine one by four
Wood glue
Finishing nails
Wood sealer
Clear acrylic sealer
Measuring tape
Miter saw
1/2-inch and one inch wood screws
Drill and bit
"L" shaped brackets

A valance is a great idea for any room and can add character and help to make your windows stand out. Valances used in a child's room can help create a room filled with wonder and splendor. A cloud valance is an easy to do DIY project that will give the child the feeling of pretty blue clouds hanging in the air of his room. Here is a quick how-to guide on how to build a cloud valance for your your child's room:

Step 1- Measuring

First, you'll need to measure your window opening or curtain rods from one end to the other. Add 4 inches to that measurement.

Step 2 - Building the Valance Frame

Next, using a piece of 1 x 4" board and a saw, cut the board to a length of the board to the measurement you took from the window opening. Then, cut two more pieces of 1 x 4" board to the desired length of your wooden violence. Typical lengths for valances are generally between 8 and 18 inches; therefore, choose a length size that is appropriate for your window opening and the room.

After that, lay the top piece of your 1 x 4" board on its side. Be careful to position each of the 1 x 4" boards on their sides to a 90° angle of the other piece. Now, you'll need to use wood glue and wood screws to attach the frame together. Use 1 inch wood screws and clamps to secure the frame together. Leave the clamps on the frame until the wood glue has dried securely. Make sure to repeat the process for building the side frame on the other side.

Step 3 - Designing the Cloud

Now, you'll need to design the cloud face of the valance. You can do this by simply taking a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and drawing the cloud design on the face of the board. Then you'll need to use a jigsaw to cut out the cloud design.

Step 4 - Attaching the Cloud Face to the Valance Frame

Using your wood glue, attach the sides of the valance frame to the cloud face board. Once again, use clamps to make sure that the pieces are held into place until the wood is the glue is dry. You may also use finishing nails to help secure the cloud face to the valance frames.

Step 5 – Preparing for Finishing or Painting

Next, use sandpaper to rough up the cloud face of the plywood so that it can later be painted. Also, use wood filler to fill in any screw holes or nail holes that were made during the frame or cloud face construction.

Step 6 – Painting the Valance

Use a pretty shade of baby blue or other light color to paint the cloud face board and create the illusion of a cloud. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 7 - Attaching the Valance to the Wall

First, install the L brackets to the wall using 1/2 inch wood screws. After the L brackets are securely fastened, attached the valance frame to the L brackets using wood screws.

That's it; you have created a cloud-like wonder for your child's room while adding character and a lot of fun to your child's environment.