Creating a Contemporary Bedroom

What You'll Need
light wood flooring
small size pieces of furniture
bedroom accessories

Even if your home is your castle, a contemporary bedroom could turn into your sanctuary inside. No matter how much you really love your ‘castle’, paying no attention to the contemporary styles and influences, every now and then your surroundings need to be updated. So, if you're considering making change to your bedroom's interior décor, read the following decorating ideas to create a contemporary bedroom.

Major Advantages of the Contemporary Bedroom Style

The contemporary bedroom style is best for those who prefer a minimalist approach to their home décor. If the clean lines, neutral shades and perfect balance of sleekness and warmth are your favorite, the contemporary style is also the right choice. Another great advantage of this bedroom décor is the opportunity to blend a number of styles and influences. However, “simpler is better.” In other words, the simpler environment is more comfortable and elegant.

Step 1–Choose the Background Color Theme

Begin the decorating process by focusing on the walls and floor. The contemporary bedroom style is based on the idea that the walls and floor are the easel on which the furniture is placed. So, forget the cool blues and green, together with the rich reds for the walls. Look for muted, natural colors such as beige, soft gray or taupe, with classical white also being a good option. These colors make the bedroom area look larger. As for the floor, the contemporary bedroom style favors hardwood floors over carpets. So, if you stick to this rule, choose light wood flooring. However, if you do not want to deprive yourself of warmth, opt for a carpet in taupe or beige.

Step 2–Choose Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Select contemporary bedroom furniture that allows the blending of styles and influences. Keep in mind that the old four poster bed and the large wooden dressers have no place in the contemporary décor. Instead, choose small size furniture items with a shiny metal effect or in light wood finishes. For your bed, which should be the masterpiece of your bedroom, choose one with no or a small headboard. The platform beds are an excellent modern option. Avoid all unimportant and complicated details, such as latticework, spindles, etc.

Step 3–Look for Curtains and Bedding

Add more finesse and elegance to your contemporary bedroom by choosing suitable curtains and bedding. Satin bedding in soft gray, beige or taupe (or any other natural color that matches the painted walls and flooring) would be excellent. Do not pile too many pillows on the bed. Use the same color principle when you purchase the curtains. Venetian blinds are also a good option.

    Step 4–Choose Contemporary Bedroom Accessories

    Supply some essential accessories such as a lamp, clock, works of art, and plants. The contemporary style is based on the minimalist approach; so, look for floor lamps or bed-table lamps with clean lines and a nickel and/or steel look. An art-deco clock is a perfect addition, together with a couple of modern art pieces. Do not forget mirrors and plants, which would give a finishing touch to your contemporary bedroom.